Marion van de Stolpe started her career as a model, decided after 15 years to start a children’s clothing shop called Hiawatha. Hiawatha quickly became a household name in the Netherlands and this is where her long career in clothing began.

Through her international travels, especially to the island of Ibiza, Morocco and Thailand, Marion became inspired in ‘interior design’.

Her own company soon became a fact. Inspired by natural materials, authentic buildings and streets, bohemian colours on the local markets, beach, forests, all these elements come back in her designs in the field of fashion and living.

In short; the ultimate combination! Marion strives for perfection in every part of her company: from searching for the right and most beautiful materials to finding a unique detail and optimal service.

She offers her clients a total concept in the field of living. From small to large renovations, designing and furnishing living spaces, offices, catering establishments, hotels and gardens. She supervises the entire project with all the attention and love for the wishes of her customers.

Her style? Tough, sober, warm and ‘spirit of nature’!